Calling All Instagram Influencers!

by Christian Alf
in Blog

Calling all Instagram influencers!

Yesterday we returned from Arches National Park in Moab, UT. It was a great vacation and a fun time camping with all the kids. Unfortunately, I think our career as Instagram influencers is not going to happen. We are not ready for the dramatic poses and attire required for being an Insta-Famous.

Two weeks ago I preached through the life and blessings of Jacob. I talked about judging people based on their appearances. Most of what I covered was judging people in a negative light; judging people as inferior because of the way that they appear. While walking through the park and seeing several wannabe Instagram influencers I was struck that we also judge the other way. We see a filtered life shown to us on our social media feed and judge someone else's life as better than ours, attributing them more honor than others.

What do we show the world through our social media feed? What value do we attribute to others based only on their feeds?

Remember that we are all created in God's own image. All humans are image bearers of God and therefore are worthy of honor. We should seek to honor God through our social media feeds and honor him by loving others online. It is hard not to try to present a perfect image of our life to all our social media followers. It is hard to admit that I am a broken human being, unable to save myself, wholly reliant on God's good grace in my life. That is the image the world needs to see and so rarely sees.

Being created in God's image means that we are all worshipers. We are worshiping something. Am I worshiping the praise of my followers online? or am I worshiping the creator of the universe? This is a question we hope to tackle and discuss with practical advice during our mid-week community meetings. We are kicking it off 5 June at 6:00.  Please message for details. We hope to see you all there!