Praise the Lord! Psalm 112

by Christian Alf

Writing blogs was harder than I expected! I am used to writing technical reports, that are full of jargon, pictures, and graphs. But writing about my thoughts and scriptures in a clear and meaningful way is a very different style! It is probably good for me that this was not as easy as expected. I can become focused on my own abilities and rely on my skills instead of allowing God to work through me. So struggling to find my stride writing these will prove to be beneficial for both me and you as the reader. And maybe one day I will be able to sneak in a graph or two.

This last week I gave my first sermon, and the experience was similar to writing this blog. I was stressed leading up to Sunday; the more I tried to perform and produce on my own the more stressful it became. God definitely used the scripture passage to prompt me to turn it over to Him. This is a small example of the power of scripture and how it is important for us to spend time reading God's words and meditating on them.

The passage for the week was Psalm 112. It starts "Praise the Lord! Blessed is the man who fears the Lord; who greatly delights in his commandments!" This short verse has a lot to say about how to live our lives. The beginning is what God used to continue to remind me to turn the preaching over to Him and not rely on my own skills or abilities. It draws my focus to God, giving Him the glory and not trying to seek it myself.

The end of the verse is another reminder to read the Bible and spend time meditating on it. The author uses the word delight to describe how to feel about the commandments of God. This is not a word that describes someone who is only reading the Bible in the morning to check off a To-Do list or out of a bound duty. No, this is describing someone who reads out of passion and desire. We desire to spend time with God and give Him glory.